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Prepare Your Home

My House Will Sell FASTER?

Yes. Having the home ready for professional photography is a must! We know it’s a lot of work and might require a few trips to the hardware store; however, it will pay off! Homes that follow these suggestions are proven to sell higher and faster.

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General Tips

  • Declutter rooms as much as possible
  • Replace any lightbulbs that are out
  • Turn on all lights
  • Turn off all ceiling fans
  • Turn off all TV’s and computer monitors

Front & Backyard

  • Close all garage doors
  • Move any cars or trailers from driveway
  • Hide garbage cans out of view from street
  • Coil or remove hoses and temporary sprinklers
  • Hide all toys, sporting equipment, crates, beds, dishes, etc. out of view Arrange patio furniture and BBQ equipment
  • Turn on all water features

Kitchen & Dining Room

  • Make sure towels are clean and neatly folded
  • Clean stovetop and put away any pots and pans
  • Make sure the sink and surrounding area is clear
  • Declutter all counter space and appliances
  • Move paper towels, trash cans, pet dishes out of view
  • Remove booster seats from dining room chairs

Living & Family Rooms

  • Move any kid’s or pet toys out of view
  • Hide TV remotes and game controllers
Straighten books and DVDs on bookshelves
  • Organize any pillows/blankets on couch and chairs

  • Remove any unnecessary furniture or exercise equipment
(extra furniture will make rooms appear smaller in photos)

Master Bedroom

  • Make bed and include decorative pillows if possible
  • Remove as much as possible on top of nightstands and dressers
  • Move laundry baskets out of view
  • Remove temporary fans or space heaters
  • Remove any exercise equipment if possible
  • Hide any items that may be showing under the bed

Kid's & Guest Bedrooms

  • Make bed
  • Remove wall stickers or frameless posters
  • Remove diaper genies
  • Move laundry basket out of view
  • Remove any temporary fans or space heaters
  • Hide any items that may be showing under the bed


  • Organize any paperwork or items that can’t be removed

  • Straighten/organize items on bookshelves
Move trash cans and shredders out of view
  • Turn any computer screens off


  • Put toilet seats down
  • Make sure towels are clean and neatly folded

  • Remove any used shower towels or robes
Hide toothbrushes and other items from counter

  • Move plunger, cleaning supplies, air freshener, etc. out of view
  • Move shower supplies out of view

What to Expect

The home should be photoshoot-ready when our photographer arrives.

At KM3 Media, we are excited and look forward to taking the absolute best photos of your home! Our goal is to get your home looking it’s best for potential buyers. This goal is always achievable with cooperation and help from the homeowner and agent.

Though we are always here to help in any way possible when it comes to your photos, we cannot declutter or decorate your home. We require any staging, landscaping or cleaning to be done prior to our photographers arriving. We are often on tight schedules and cannot spend additional time waiting for the home to be “photo ready”.

Please take the time to review our Service Agreement before we arrive. We strongly recommend reading through the above tips or handing them off to a homeowner to avoid any miscommunication or a rescheduling fee.