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19 Oct 2013

Roseville Search Engine Marketing (SEM) News update

Costs of SEO Going Up?

roseville ca seo going up - km3mediaArticle spinning, keyword stuffing, excessive bookmarks, paid links, thin content, duplicate content, excessive blog commenting, etc. were once widely regarded as acceptable SEO tactics. Now those tactics can land you in big trouble with Google. Thanks to Google Panda and Penguin, nothing about SEO is quick, easy or cheap anymore.

Skilled SEO firms write purposeful articles, blog posts, press releases and interviews, produce creative videos and infographics and use other formats that include very specific information about a company. Not only will high quality SEO providers prepare with extensive research, they will take care to write inspired content and post it to suitable websites for publishing. Sure, Google demands quality content. But with the company name, location, names of company executives and so on featured in the content, businesses expect quality too!

The Social Media Advertising Scramble

After its IPO missteps, Facebook went all out to raise revenue with numerous advertising products. Though plenty of money has been made, particularly with mobile advertising, Facebook plans to simplify its advertising product based on feedback from marketers. The launch of Facebook video ads, scheduled for Fall 2013, is on hold due to concerns about user experience. At an estimated $1 million to $2.4 million per daily spot, I think it’s safe to say that Facebook will figure it out and start rolling those video ads before too long.

InsinstagramIcontagram, acquired by Facebook in 2012 for $1 billion in cash and stock, plans to begin selling ads within the year. Earlier this month, Instagram announced that it now has over 150 million monthly active users, a 50% increase since February 2013.

Twitter has Promoted Tweets and is experimenting with Tailored Ads, an advertising product that is very similar to retargeting. This month, Twitter announced that it has acquired MoPub Inc. for about $350 million in stock. Many industry insiders believe Twitter is ramping up its advertising options in preparation for an IPO. As for me, I’ll keep investing in Crocs.

Google Goes In-Depth

Billions of internet searches happen every day, yet people do look to other sources for information and answers. Some people still even consult the encyclopedia… so I’m told. In 2010, after 244 years, Encyclopedia Britannica went out of print, but encyclopedias will live on in DVD format.

Encyclopedias and other information sources may have been just as handy as search engines when we were tied to desktops and laptops. Mobile devices have given search engines an advantage in terms of convenience and Google is now on a mission to have the answers for anything and everything a person could want to know,

Last year, Google conducted the Daily Information Needs Study to get some insight into what people want to know, but don’t search for. From the research, Google learned that about 10% of users’ daily information needs involve learning about a broad topic. With the recently released feature, In-Depth Articles, Google intends to deliver relevant, high quality content that will help the searcher explore a topic in-depth.

This article explains the steps that help Google find your content—maybe you’ll be rewarded for your high quality content with a spot in the in-depth search results block!