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12 Dec 2013

LSI Keywords, What Do They Mean?

Latent Semantic Indexing (or LSI) is one of the cheapest and safest ways for anyone to get a better search engine ranking through SEO (search engine optimization). There are very few ways that are cheap, easy, and effective in getting ranked in search engines, but LSI is one way.

The best way to explain what LSI Keywords are and how they can help your site’s page rank on Google for your main keyword, is by looking at a simple example.

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Latent Semantic Indexing

Let’s take a look at the word ‘car’, which is a common word; since it’s a common word, it gets used in a lot of different searches. It only makes sense then that the competition for the ranking of this word alone will be more than fierce because of all the money at stake. It’s also not worth trying to rank for such a general and all inclusive keyword, since you alone cannot service users’ demands for all cars.

By using a similar keyword (LSI keyword) instead of the more general keyword (car), you can rank for your specific product or niche, which is better anyway.

So how should you use LSI keywords exactly?

The answer is to use them as much as possible. Google won’t see this as spam because you aren’t stuffing your content with the same word over and over again; instead, you are supplying variations of your keyword.

With LSI keywords, you’ll get additional incoming searches from visitors searching for variations of your keyword, and they are still able to get the answers they seek from your web site as a result of their question being tied in together with your keyword.

LSI’s are often as long as half-dozen word phrases, or as short as two word phrases, providing you with a lot of leeway and potential for optimizing your content for search engines and for human guests.

Now you’ve seen some of the advantages of sprinkling numerous LSI keywords in your content. Understand that if you merely try and use your keyword repetitively in your content, this may decrease your website’s strength. Your websites strength is measured by the typical time your readers are staying on your web site. Readers don’t like reading articles full of obvious spam, and neither will Google.

With LSI, you’ll mix and uncombine completely different combos of words to create your own fascinating and high quality content.

The key to keeping readers engaged is to vary your content and still keep on topic. LSI’s have the capability of being rearranged in several ways, creating many completely different phrases that may be employed in all types of distinctive content. This can help facilitate reader engagement.

In order for your web site to rise in search engines, new content should be published often.

Writing smart LSI content is like being a smooth politician. A good writer using LSI and a seasoned politician can both write or say the same thing over and over in different ways while keeping their audience engaged.