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13 Nov 2013

Did You Photoshop Those Clouds?!

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Absolutely not. Photoshop was not used in the making of these images. In fact, the process behind these images is simple, yet somewhat time consuming. It all starts with a feature on most DSLR cameras called ‘bracketing.’ Bracketing allows you to take 3 exposures of the same image. The reason you would want to take 3 exposures of one image is because your camera lens in incapable of capturing multiple exposures at once. The human eye is not the same.

Sacramento HDR real estate Photography For example: if you are in a dark room and looking through a bright window, the human eye has the ability to see what is in the room, while also being able to see most of the details outside the window. Our eyes have a ‘multiple exposure’ ability, more advanced than any camera. I am sure you’ve noticed this phenomenon when trying to take a picture of a room containing a large picture window, and the photo came out very underexposed, or dark. That is the camera trying to do the thinking and compensate for all the light coming in from the window.

Sometimes the opposite effect happens. You are trying to take a picture of the beautiful sky with its white, puffy clouds. Instead, you get a complete washed out image of the sky, although the grass looks green and well photographed.

Sacramento HDR real estate Photography imageUsing a minimum of 3 exposures allows you to capture the details inside AND outside of a room. It allows you to capture the details in shaded backyards as well as the beautiful white puffy clouds up above. By discussing this technique of combining 3 exposures to acquire an experience more familiar to what the human eye sees, I have introduced to you a method used by many real estate photographers called HDR photography, High Dynamic Range. Everyone has their unique application and style of applying HDR; it can look somewhat surreal, artsy, well lit, clean, polished, detailed, and even fake.

HDR real estate Photography in SacramentoThe purpose for those of us shooting HDR real estate photography is to provide all the details that the room deserves with proper perspective as seen from the human eye. It is also, of course, to make you look incredible to your clients – to show them you are taking them seriously by using professional photography. By now you’ve heard the statistics that professional photography helps sell higher and quicker.

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