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Things to Consider

It's The Little Things...

We know you’ve already gone over the Prep Sheet, but we just want to remind you of a few little details people tend to overlook. You’re paying for professional photography, so you definitely want everything in order, right? Sometimes things can get in the way of your photoshoot that are completely unexpected, but sometimes being over-prepared could save a lot of stress and worry and get your photos looking their absolute best. 

On-Market Date

When scheduling, try to keep in mind our turn-around time. We are always willing to work with our clients and get all materials delivered as soon as possible, but scheduling photos at least a few days before your desired on-market date is best. 

  • Stills are delivered within 24 hours from your scheduled shoot
  • Virtual Tours, Aerial Videos and Highlight Videos are delivered within 3 business days
  • Friday shoots are delivered by 12:30pm Saturday
  • Saturday shoots are delivered by Monday morning

Check the Forecast

It’s not always at the top of your list of things to remember but, the weather can impact your photos greatly. Dark cloudy skies can not only give off a dreary vibe with your exterior photos, but remember the inside photos will also not have as bright of a feel. Photoshop is our best friend when it comes to touching things up and trying to remedy wet winter days, but it is not magic! We highly recommend checking the weather ahead of time just in case. We allow rescheduling within 2 hours prior to the shoot at no cost.

Trash Pickup Days

This isn’t necessarily a huge deal if we’re just taking photos of the front of your home, as long as you can scoot them out of the way it’s no problem. What doesn’t always look best is when we’re taking aerial photos or videos. Double check with the homeowner to make sure the streets won’t be lined with trash bins the day of your aerial shoot.

Contractors / Landscaping

Last minute projects happen, we get it. It’s best to have any scheduled repairs or landscaping done at least a day or 2 before the scheduled shoot, just to give yourself time in case you need to reschedule. Things like painting, drywall repairs, electrical work, etc. can easily have delays. Again, we allow rescheduling at no cost within 2 hours before the scheduled shoot.


We’re pretty used to working around people and even pets sometimes, but the fewer people there, the better. Whether the home is being professionally staged or a cleaning crew is hired, allow a few hours or even a day in between appointments to guarantee no overlapping. The home should be photo-ready when we arrive!